Running for love in Terni Umbria

Last week was the half marathon (21,0975) and marathon (42,195 km) of Terni, Umbria: Maratona di San Valentino, a wonderful annual event, always around Valentine’s day.


St. Valentine, who inspired the creation of Valentines Day, is the patron saint of Terni, Umbria. Not only on February 14, but during the whole month of February there are different kinds of events and activities in Terni. What about running a half marathon in Terni?

The start of the marathon was in Ferentillo, a small place in the Nera Valley. From Ferentillo we ran over small trails through little historic villages towards the Marmore falls. Along the route people encouraged us. Fantastic! Finally we passed the water park of the Marmore Falls. From there it was only 7 km to go before the finish. The Marmore waterfall is the tallest in Europe. Very beautiful and basolutely worth a visit. At the park we saw the cascate falling down, so powerful and loud! It was 19 degrees, a little bit hot for this period, therefor we were rather happy to feel some cold water drops on our face  to cool down.

Running down the hills towards Terni, on our left hand side we saw the little village Papigno. For many people an unknown place, but for Italian people a very famous one! Here part of Benigni’s films “La vita è bella” and “Pinocchio” were made.

Fortunately the route was downhill all the way to the city center of Terni. It takes less effort to run downhill. I felt like flying. My running steps were getting faster and faster. Passing the old steel fabric of Thyssen-Krupp in Terni we were approaching the center and heard the music in the distance. More people encouraged us along the route… the finish line was not far anymore. Only 2 km to go!

At the 20 km point there was a crossing. Straight ahead was the route for the marathon runners, and to the left was the route towards the finish for the half marathon runners. I was so glad not to be running the complete marathon! I was exhausted, but more than satisfied. I did it again and ran a new PR 1.40,49. At the finish they gave us a medal and a rose for St. Valentine. I enjoyed the race. What a beautiful experience. Next year I’ll be there again!

After the race we went for a delicious lunch with a mix of antipasti and a good pasta with truffle from the Nera Valley. The name of the restaurant is La Rocchetta.  And of course, after the lunch we went for a (free) visit to the Marmore Waterfalls. What a beautiful day!



– Post by Sylvia van der Male –

4 responses to “Running for love in Terni Umbria”

  1. janinevasta says:

    Well done!!! A wonderful post and a great effort!!! You deserved that lunch and the whole day sounds wonderful.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Good for you – definitely an accomplishment! I thought your pics of Terni and the falls were beautiful – made me want to jump into the photo! Winter here grinds on, it would be nice to get away from it! 🙂

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