Sensational Umbria by Steve McCurry

“One of the great things about Umbria and Italy is that it’s a very unique special part of the world, full of art, great culture, food, wine, wonderful landscape and rich hospitality.” By Steve McCurry.

Today I went to the photo exhibition Sensational Umbria by Steve McCurry in Perugia. I parked my car outside the city to take the MiniMetro to the city center. Which is very comfortable and so much easier then driving up by car into the city centre. One way with the MiniMetro costs 1,50 Euro. You can buy a ticket at a bar, or at a self service ticket machine.

The photographic exhibition Sensational Umbria has started on March 29th, in Perugia. The exhibition is open until October 5, 2014. If you love Umbria, don’t miss it! A great collections of shots. The museums, Palazzo della Penna and Ex Fatebenefrattelli, are open every day except on Mondays. The museums are in the city center of Perugia. Ask at the tourist information office how to get there. The tourist office is at the Piazza Matteotti, close the Pincetto MiniMetro stop.

Before visiting I decided to have lunch at a place in a well known student area of Perugia, Caffè Morlacchi in Piazza Morlacchi 6/8, Perugia. This location is “hot” by the locals and by the students. The bar is close to the University of Perugia. I’ve found it on Foursquare. The piadina with mozzarella, grilled eggplant and ham was delicious!

A beautiful afternoon in Perugia:








You can admire the pictures from above!

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Extra links and information about Sensational Umbria by the Curious Café:
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My personal favorite is the picture of Castelluccio di Norcia, Piano Grande.

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  1. Ilaria says:

    Ciao Sylvia! Great suggestions and tips to get around Sensational Umbria and enjoy the city in a few hours 🙂 Speak soon!

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