Sibillini Mountains National Park

Trekking in Umbria

Sunday July 20 I joined a hiking tour with Alessio from Trekking in Umbria to the Mount Borghese (2145 m) and the Mount Porche (Mount Bellavista 2233 m) in the Monti Sibillini mountains.

The views during this tour were stunning. Flowers were everywhere near  Castelluccio di Norcia and the three valleys: Vallelunga, Vallinfante and Valle del Lago.

At the top of the Mount Porche on the east side the panorama towards the “Blue Mountains” was just amazing!  This hiking tour is for experienced hikers only.

For information:

Have a look at some of the pictures I made!P1070274 P1070280 P1070270 P1070287 P1070321 P1070315 P1070316 P1070296 P1070314 P1070311 P1070308 P1070307 P1070303

17 responses to “Sibillini Mountains National Park”

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Oh, my, what a gift of beauty you’ve laid out for us here! I had no idea that there were places as gorgeous as this! Makes me sad that I am not an experienced hiker. 🙁 I would love to see something as amazing as this – I’d sing out loud my thanks and praises!

  2. CarrieZ says:

    Beautiful photos!!

  3. Christina says:

    We saw most of the wild flowers you show plus orchids at a lower level in early June.

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