Yesterday we attended a concert of Sonidumbra followed by dinner and a traditional ‘Castagnata’ (i.e. eat as many roasted chestnuts as you can). The place where the event took place was an agriturismo near Assisi.
We had a great time. The musicians were all quite skilled and they went out of their way to make the people smile and clap to their traditional tunes. A collection of funny and sad stories about food, marriage, harvest and heartbreak.
The dinner afterwards was well organized. After the concert we were directed to a room where the antipasti were served. Having finished that we were wellcomed back to the concert area, in the meantime transformed into a cozy dining room with long tables. There must have been more than 80 people. The food was good but as often in Umbria a bit on the salty side for our pallats.
A great night. Always good to know that these things are organised and visited. If you would like to witness some of these events make sure you subscribe to our Twitter feed.

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