Somewhile ago villages in the surrounding area have been ornamented with speedcameras. I say ornamented since the cameras are housed in tall, sleek very orange plastic containers. Being Italian speedcameras they have lights flashing all over them.  Bella figura!
The speedcameras are as you might have thought very noticeable. A nice service from the state since some of these villages are so small you are already out of them before you noticed you were driving through them. As you can see the cameras from far away you can adjust the speed to below the standard Italian level, more suitable for village life. A good thing not?
Well not according to the people I overheard in the Post Office. According to them it is ridiculous. One should be able to drive through villages at the speed one wishes. Three ladies kept on ranting about this while holding lovely little bambini on their arms, each looking like a Michelin man because of layer and layer of clothing they wore to protect against the ‘cold’.

Apparently, it is the cold that is dangerous here and not speeding cars!

(actually, I never see children playing outside in these modern villages)

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