Spello’s Gold

Last weekend Spello celebrated its “gold liquid” with the Frantoi Aperti. Every year in November this event promotes Umbria’s DOP extra virgin olive oil.





Its 17th edition transformed this mediaval hill town into a place of theaters, open markets, art, traditional Umbrian song and dance performances, olive oil tastings (bruschetta with new olive oil, soups and local pastries) and much more. Delicious!

On the Sunday afternoon the “Spellani” bring olive trees to the historical centre. There were so many! These olive trees were adorned with many things, like bread, pots, meat, cheeses, oranges… Does anybody know what this represents?




In the piazza’s the locals sing traditional songs and dance the saltarello to accordion music!


Spello is a lovely medieval village in Umbria, also just for a stroll in the narrow streets or having a lunch in one of the local trattoria’s. Spello is beautiful also in Autumn and in Winter.




Villa in Umbria rents an apartment in the historical centre of Spello. You can easily reach this town by train!


– posted by Sylvia van der Male –

4 responses to “Spello’s Gold”

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I wish I could have been there – your posts invoke such a longing in me! Now I’m hungry! 😉

  2. janinevasta says:

    My type of party.. Love it and I adore Spello! Thank you!!!

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