Spoleto Guided Tour

The ‘Guide in Umbria’ form a group of Umbria tour guides of excellent quality. The summer of 2011 they had (in Dutch) a wonderful tour of Perugia every Wednesday morning for just 5 euro per adult. The tour was a big hit, many of our guests went and loved it.

The Guide in Umbria have now started a new promising initiative in Italian. Every third Saturday of the month they will be organising a tour of a lesser known part of Umbria. Yesterday we visited 3 churches in Spoleto (San Salvatore, San Ponziano en San Gregorio). San Salvatore has recently been added to the Unesco sites.

The tour was very well done, 2 hours full of interesting information and beautiful sights in the churches and crypts. The tour guide (Alessia) was very well prepared and knew how to capture our attention with many interesting anecdotes.

I do look forward to the next tour!

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