Sunday Lunch at Osteria La Cruccola in Acqualoreto

Months ago Tiziana, the owner of Casa Acqualoreto suggested we’d come to Acqualoreto to eat at the local osteria. Many of her guests eat at this small restaurant. It was about time to suit the action to the word and go to Acqualoreto for lunch at Osteria La Cruccola, to try it ourselves.
The small restaurant has a limited menu all selected on the basis of local ingredients and traditionally Umbrian food. I had never seen sausages with grapes on any menu, but it is a traditional Umbrian dish that used to be served during the grape harvest. It was delicious! The somewhat reserved owner and chef is assisted by a friendly lady and the guests that Sunday lunch were a mixture of Italian, Swiss and English people. There are only a few tables, so if you want to eat here, a reservation is necessary.

The address is: Piazza Bernardi, 8, 05023 Acqualoreto TR, Italia, Tel. +39 0744 958397, Mobile +393393266276. I couldn’t find a website but they are on tripadvisor.
acqualoreto-crucola3 acqualoreto-crucola4
Acqualoreto itself is a small hamlet of not even 100 inhabitants and it once was a castle to defend Todi against Orvieto. The fortified walls are still in place.
We returned home via Orvieto and stopped in Baschi, one of these small fortified towns that you usually just pass and see in the distance. This little fortified town you may have seen along the A1 on your way to Rome.
On our way from Todi towards Orvieto and Baschi we passed the Lake Corbara. This is a reservoir of the Tiber river with a flood-control dam that opens at certain times.

– Post by Saskia van der Bolt –

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  1. Ishita says:

    Lovely! what a beautiful town. just 100 inhabitants :O Thank you for helping me know another new town in Umbria <3

  2. A new town to discover! Thanks for sharing and the beautiful photos!

  3. janinevasta says:

    I really miss little places like this… You’re making me homesick again! 😉

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