Olive harvest at Frantoio Loreti in Gualdo Tadino

Olive harvest at Frantoio Loreti in Gualdo Tadino

Every year in October and November is the time to harvest the olives in Umbria. In 2014 we had a terrible harvest: a combination of bad weather (a mild winter and rain in summer) led to Italy’s most disastrous olive harvest. The olive fruit fly damaged the olives by leaving its larvae in theĀ olive which destroyed the fruit. This year is going to be a […]

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The garden we maintain

The owners of a house where we mantain garden and pool are about to arrive and we have been working our socks off to get everything ready in time. Lots of digging, weeding, clipping, transporting, sweating and certamente use of ‘rough’ language. Though at the moment of taking the pictures the light wasn’t at its most favourable it does look rather nice I think. Balance […]

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