Barter trade.

Last week I entered a shop and was greeted by the view of some splendid Dutch flowers. Now I know our beloved neighbours love flowers and especially narcissus and tulips so despite the steep price I bought some and handed them over to my neighbour. Next day a car came...

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Eco heating in Umbria.

Do you know that feeling just before bedtime you sleepily brush your teeth, let the dogs out for a little wee, switch of the lights in the kitchen and living room slide into bed only to be very clear awake a few seconds later. It is the touch of the icecold sheets...

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And ……….Cut……..!

Well well Perugia is on the move! Turns out that from the end of this year Perugia will have its own International Filmfestival. There have been filmfestivals for a while in Perugia but it looks like this one is set to establish itself as a 'Premier film festival with...

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Nobody loves the tax man, unless they get money back maybe, In Italy the taxman is even more 'admired'. During my last visit to the commercialista, say the italian equivalent of an accountant (you can't do without one here) I got a bad rap on the knuckles. In order...

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When in Rome…..

Some of our guests ask us if it is easy to get to Rome, where should they stay, eat, etc. Well most of our houses are no more than 2 hours from Rome by car. You can also go to a nearby station and catch the train and enjoy a lovely ride through the Italian countryside...

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Somewhile ago villages in the surrounding area have been ornamented with speedcameras. I say ornamented since the cameras are housed in tall, sleek very orange plastic containers. Being Italian speedcameras they have lights flashing all over them.  Bella figura! The...

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Burning Olive Wood

For years a big piece of olive wood has been lying about in our shed. I tried to put it in our woodburner but it was too big. Last week while sawing some wood I decided to point the chainsaw in the direction of formentioned piece and cut a piece of it. Being dry and...

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We have some very good sniffer dogs here. Recently found out that this one might be a cockapoo. A crossing between a poodle and a cocker spaniel. She is chewing on a jaw of a cinghiale she found. Cinghiale is all the rage for dogs at this time of the year.

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