Telescopic Universal Cutter

It still is olive clipping time over here and we ran into some problems with some high trees. The ground beneath the trees is too uneven to put a ladder on and some branches can’t be reached from inside the tree. Off course this is a widely known problem and there is a solution, enter theTelescopic Universal Cutter by Fiskars.

Fiskars is a Finish company that for ages has been making top quality clipping products. Some years ago it added a range of stellar garden products. The two guys manning the Fiskar stand on the Agri Umbria) were suitably enthusiastically selling their products. I tried to conceal my enthusiasm as much as possible. I was told that these days everyone who is someone in the world of olive tree pruning and partake in championships in Italy, uses the Fiskars telescopic cutters.

Those were words that sealed my fate. After some heavy negotiating on the price I walked away from the stand with a clipper and a T.U.C. in my hand. I guess everyone knows the feeling that no matter how enthusiastic you are about your purchase, doubt can and mostly does settle in. This time it lasted exactly 25 minutes. While driving up the slopes to Assisi I spotted two men with big grins on there face prunining their lovely olive trees with…… Telescopic Universal Cutters by Fiskars.

Magic tool!

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