The best activities in Umbria during the new normal

The best activities in Umbria during the new normal

Jun 25, 2020 | Things to do in Umbria | 0 comments

The new normal in Umbria

By now, we are back to a relatively normal life in Umbria and getting used to the social distancing. The idea of this blog occurred to me thanks to one of our guests coming to Umbria this summer. What to do in Umbria when you should keep your distance? In this blog you will find our suggestions for the best activities in Umbria during this year, so bizarre for everyone.  

Medieval Bevagna in Umbria

Outdoor activity: walking and trekking

Umbria has a very diverse landscape from rugged mountains to soft rolling hills dotted with olive trees. An ideal ambiance for outside activities.

There are three walks we already wrote about that can also be done by a family with children. Just make sure you do not walk at the warmest hours of the day, wear proper shoes and take some water with you.

If you are a more experienced hiker, we warmly recommend participating in an organized hike by Trekking in Umbria. On their website’s home page you’ll find the calendar of the upcoming walks.

The best activities in Umbria during corona: walking!

Outdoor activity: Umbria in Vespa

Want to enjoy the Umbrian landscape in a more relaxed way? Do it the Italian way and rent a vespa! Umbria in Vespa has many years of experience renting out its colourful vespa’s. You’ll also get some suggestions of great routes to follow. Go off the beaten path and explore winding roads and small villages. Ask more information here.

The best activities in Umbria: Umbria in Vespa

Outdoor activity: visit the Marmore waterfall

One of the main attractions in Umbria surely is the Marmore Waterfall near Terni. Corona or no corona, this is a great place to visit also with children. Mind to check the hours, though! The water is closed by a dam, that opens at certain hours to create the waterfall. Read more about it here.

Cascata delle Marmore

Outdoor activity: visit Monte Cucco

It is already two years ago that we visited the Monte Cucco. What a great naturalistic area! It is in the mountains towards Gubbio and The Marche and famous amongst paragliders. On the website of the park you will find all activities they offer and also walking routes. Little did we know that there are also caves to visit here.

The best activities in Umbria: visit Monte Cucco

Outdoor activity: easy rafting

It is years ago now that we went with the family for an easy rafting experience. It was a memorable day with lots of fun for the whole family. We even had two 7-year-olds with us, which was no problem at all. The rafting centre is in Scheggino, a lovely little town in the Valnerina. 

The best activities in Umbria: Easy Rafting

Relaxed activity: Colfiorito and Rasiglia 

Last year, we visited Colfiorito for a great lunch at the local ristoro. Only fixed menu, you eat what they serve that day. Nothing fancy, but great food. You’ll have to make a reservation, especially if you want to sit outside. After lunch, we passed by at Rasiglia. A tiny little village with lots of waterways. Do not visit on a Sunday. It will be too busy.

The best activities in Umbria: visit Rasiglia

Relaxed activity : cook at home

Now that we are all more to ourselves than before, you may anyway want to taste some authentic Umbrian food. CooksApp is what you are looking for. They offer a chef at home service. A great way to learn more about the Umbrian cuisine as well as just enjoy a good dinner with the family. This year CooksApp also organizes a funny cooking class for children. And all of this without leaving your holiday home, or your own home in Umbria. If you are interested, ask more information here.

CooksApp: chef at home

A last note

Do remember to take a face mask and disinfectant hand gel with you. In Italy, we have to keep a distance of 1 meters at all times. Going inside somewhere a face mask is requested. You may as well be prepared for this.

Face masks in Italy 


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