The hunters den

Overseeing the dining table.

January this year we got an invitation from our wild boar hunters in residence to come over to their hunting cabin and enjoy the last and biggest dinner of the season with them. Always on the lookout for different dining experiences we happily accepted the invitation.

Instead of a big feast however we ended up cold, hungry and grumpy in our bed. You see, we had agreed to meet at a time at a certain point but when we timely arrived no one was there. Trying to reach the hunters on the telephone was impossible since the area was not covered by any network. A search for the cabin proved to be in vain. We were really in pitch-dark cold, windy no- mans-land.

This time we agreed to meet at a place were the telephones worked and a hunter had come down to guide us to the cabin. Funny detail was that they reside in a house on top of hill, well it is more like a hamlet. Back in January we had been very close to this beautiful borgo but decided to turn around (it looked all dark).

The hunters’ residence is stupendous on a hard to reach but beautiful location. In a stable on the ground floor they have created an abattoir and 4 cinghiale were hanging upside down waiting to be cut up in more manageable pieces of meat. They then divide it between all members of the ‘squadra’. Above the abattoir is a big dining room with an adjacent kitchen. All in 1900’s rural Italdesign.

The food was good, pasta amatriciana and pork roasted on the huge open fire. The hunters are a friendly happy bunch. We had some good laughs and we know all the nicknames of everyone they are dealing with in hunting season (ie our neighbours).

We got invitations for a wild boar dinner and would we care to join the hunt one day? They were also very interested in our ‘hunting dog’ we got from the dog pound, she goes hunting by herself and is quite apt at finding hares. The hunters have expensive pure breads, hence the surprise such good dogs can be picked up for free.

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