Things to do while driving in Umbria….

In a hurry, cruisin the nice, but sometimes bumpy, highway in the driection of Perugia. Proper speed, podcast on, sun high in the sky and … some nob in a noble big german car swerving from left to right and more to the right and left again while doing over 100km/h. Oh yeah another intense conversation while driving I thought. Now and then the car slowed down a bit so I overtook it.

Glancing to my right I noticed an elderly gentleman, glasses near the tip of his nose, reading the newspaper which he had spread out over his steering wheel!

Wonder how often he can do this before it is end of story…?

One response to “Things to do while driving in Umbria….”

  1. The first time my Mum saw this on one her last visit here, she freaked out! I’ve seen it so many times over the years I’m almost blasé about it! I just hope they don’t take someone else with them when it IS the end of the story.

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