Three Times Trebbiano

Three local wines all three Trebbiano Spolentino, a local Trebbiano clone, all three very different. Now Trebbiano is famous for giving wine of poor quality. Some might argue that Valentini’s Trebbiano isn’t bad at all and that is Trebbiano! Yes but that is Trebbiano d’Abruzzo also known under the name Bombino Bianco which is a different grape.

Trebbiano is one of the most widely planted grapes in Italy and I think also France where they use it to make Cognac and call it Ugni Blanc which always makes me think of udders. That maybe because Trebbiano is a sort of modern holstein cow dressed up as a grape as it can easily yield 150hl/ha…

But on to the wines!

Two wines from a very small winery called Collecapretta. The Vigna Vecchia is a very¬† quaffable wine, nice balance, lovely nose, indigenous yeasts. The Terra dei Preti is a somewhat different beast, prolonged contact of the juice with the skins (they used to do that with the wines in this region) makes for a a much richer wine. It has the character of the so called ‘orange wines’ who are becoming very en vogue. Great nose and very pretty amber color. Very small production (700 bottles each) so visit the winery when you are in the area.

The wine from the famous Paolo Bea was the big one of the three, mind you it costs double what the others cost. Don’t drink it too cold. Lovely perfumed nose of agrumi, almonds, spices and peaches, great balance. It is deceptively simple but you keep reaching for the bottle (always a good sign for me).

If you are looking for a different expression of the Trebbiano do give these wines a try.

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  1. Wow, you’re absolutely right.
    Arboreus, Bea’s Trebbiano, is probably one of the best white wines produced in Umbria (and central Italy).

  2. A sincere review! For sure, it’ a good choice and worthy to be tasted. And the price is fair.

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