Tibetan Suspension Bridge

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Looking for an adventurous outing? Then you must visit Sellano. On March 23, 2024, the Ponte Tibetano, a Tibetan suspension bridge, opened, connecting Sellano, one of the Borghi più Belli d’ Italia, with Montesanto.

Tibetan suspension bridge in Umbria

Facts about the Tibetan Suspension Bridge

Let’s start with some numbers: the bridge spans 517 meters at a height of 175 meters above the valley of the Vigi River, and it takes 1,023 steps to cross it. Additionally, the bridge is unique in that it goes uphill: there is a positive height difference of 68 meters between the starting point and the finish.

Tibetan suspension bridge in Sellano

Visiting the suspension bridge

Before you go, we recommend purchasing a ticket from https://www.visitsellano.info. This way, you can choose your own time slot, and be sure you can make the crossing avoiding standing in line. We paid €25 per person. Note that the bridge is only accessible to those taller than 1.2 meters, and dogs are not allowed. You must be in good health and definitely not afraid of heights!

When you arrive in Sellano, park your car in one of the well-marked parking lots. Walk through the town center to the visitor center. There, you’ll get a harness to cross the bridge safely. A short walking route takes you from the visitor center to the bridge’s starting point. You’ll receive a clear briefing on safety regulations and you will be securely attached to the bridge with your harness.

Safety first at the Tibetan suspension bridge Safety equipment Tibetan suspension bridge

Walking High in the Air

And then the crossing begins. During the walk, there is a platform every sixty meters where you can enjoy the scenery and take photos. After about 40 minutes, you’ll reach the small village of Montesanto.

To return to Sellano, you can walk back after handing in your safety gear. There’s also a shuttle option, but you have to reserve a spot along with your ticket.

Tibetan suspension bridge in Umbria

We recommend walking back and following the Sentiero per Lago Vigi. This is a beautiful and easy walk. When you arrive at the lake, you can rest in the shade, picnic, or eat at Trattoria Loch Ness. Then, you start the second part of your walk, a gentle 20-minute climb through the forest back to the center of Sellano. It’s time for a drink at Stella Cafe, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Planning a holiday in Umbria? Sellano with its Ponte Tibetano is an adrenaline-filled stop you can’t miss!

Wij raden je aan om de terugweg te voet te doen en het Sentiero per Lago Vigi te volgen. Dit is een mooie en gemakkelijke wandeling. Bij aankomst aan het meer kan je even uitrusten in de schaduw, picknicken of iets eten bij Trattoria Loch Ness. Daarna begin je aan het tweede deel van je wandeling, een zachte stijging van een 20-tal minuten door het bos tot in het centrum van Sellano. Tijd voor een terrasje bij Stella Cafe, waar je even kan uitrusten en genieten van de prachtige omgeving.

Plan je een vakantie in Umbrië, dan zijn Sellano en de Ponte Tibetano een adrenaline stop die je niet mag missen!

Lago Vigi Trattoria Loch Ness, Lago Vigi


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