Tractors in Umbria.

Though it has changed somewhat in the last ten years Italian mechanics didn’t use to have a stellar reputation and that is partly justified … Alfasud anyone?

However Italians have been making and in some cases still are making great machinery. Not only to look at but also durable ad infinitum. Take a look at these tractors for instance. They have been going for ages and still are great performers. I saw them ploughing a piece of tough terrain and they went at it like madmen.

This modest tractor show was held at a nearby village and there must have been more than a hundred in all shapes and colours but most quite old. The tractors had been brought by enthusiasts and farmers who keep them running, either because they still use them, or just out of love. According to most keeping them running is not hard: add some gasoline and a bit of grease here and there and off you go.

Now top speed of these old beasts isn’t up to scratch with modern times, 16 km/h is a nice average I guess. I spoke to some gents who came from 25km away! I haven’t been there yet but here is a link to a parcoacquarossa in Umbria. It houses a museum for some real old tractors.

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