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Umbria is in the heart of Italy and is the hub of truffle culture and production in Italy. In fact, Umbria produces the largest number of black truffles in Italy and their quality is world-famous. During the year there are specialised markets and events around this local delicacy, truffle in Umbria. Fortunately, truffle hunting in this region remains a beautiful and simple way of life: the mountains, the hunters, the dogs, the forest, a small pickaxe and a leather bag often full of truffles.

Truffle dog in Umbria
Truffle hunting

In a small town in the Umbrian hinterland, near the town of Città di Castello, a young couple who own a truffle farm, came up with the idea of organising guided excursions in search of this precious tuber. After a warm welcome to visitors, there is a brief introduction to the truffle and collection techniques, followed by the actual harvesting activity with a trip to the hunting area. You’ll be enveloped in the traditions, atmosphere, sights and sounds of country life on a farm, in the forest and in the traditional village in Umbria. You will enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience, truffle dogs, incredible landscapes, lots of local wine, taste homemade products and be treated with typical Umbrian hospitality.

Truffle hunting in Umbria

Guided tours

If you feel like trying this experience, we recommend comfortable clothing, a windbreaker, even if the activity takes place in the summer months, and hiking shoes. The tour will last about 2½ hours, including an expert guide, and a final truffle tasting.

For any information, please contact Francesca by calling +39 339 629 6315
or by sending an email to

Azienda Agraria Bellucci Francesca


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