Truffle time in Citta di Castello.

Every year Citta di Castello hosts a very agreeable truffle market. Besides all truffle products you can dream up, you’ll find lots of new olive oil to taste and buy, new wine, roasted chestnuts and a covered market with loads of regional Italian products (cheese from Trentino, very good salumi from Norcia, liquorice from the South etc.).

As expected we gorged on freshly roasted chestnuts and instead of the novello wine we drank a very good local brew. Not only was the beer very good also the babbo (dad) of the brewer turned out to be a very nice guy. He told one of his sons was the brewer and the other one designed the dazzlingly Italian label.

So what should have been a short trip became three hours of chatting, eating, drinking. We returned home with bags filled with good oil, walnuts, chestnuts, old varieties of apples, cheese and some white truffle … but more on that later!

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