Typical food from Trentino Alto Adige

Some years ago I lived in Trentino, in Arco at Lake Garda. The local cuisine in Trentino Alto Adige is everything but boring. The food of this region is flavoured by other cultures. Many years ago Trentino used to be Austria. Many Trentini speak Italian as well as German, and the further you move to the north the more people speak German.

The local food from Trentino is based on bread, like the canederli and the strangolapreti. They prepare these dishes with melted butter, vegetables and speck. Beef is an important ingredient in the local cuisine of Trentino. A typical dish from the Garda Lake area is the “Carne Salada e Fasoi”, salted beef with beans.
Trentino is not a typical pasta region, it is a region where they eat polenta. Polenta is cornmeal prepared with boiled water.

Goulash and Sachertorte are one of my favorite dishes in Trentino. Goulash is originally from Hungary, and Sachertorte (chocolate cake) from Vienna, Austria. Trentino is lovely and the Trentini are very proud of their region. They aren’t huge travellers, they like to stay at home with their families and friends. Their home are the mountains surrounding them where they hunt, ski, climb and hike. They like to go up to the malga where the cows graze in summer and from their milk they make lovely cheeses.

Sometimes I miss the traditional plates of Trentino, but I can’t have everything isn’t it? Even if I love polenta, Trentino does not have the typical Tuscan and Umbrian ‘pici’ which I also like very much.

A friend of mine who lives in the Castiglione del Lago area is not 100% Trentino, but his mother is. Last Monday he invited us for a special Trentino dinner at his home with his mother and brother. For a moment I felt like being in Trentino. I enjoyed the food. I brought with me a good bottle of Marzimeno wine, one of my favorite wines from this region.

The menu:
Trentino apple with salad, speck, polenta and cheese
Canederli soup and spatzle with spinach and cheese sauce
Main course: 
Sauerkraut with potatoes, speck and cheese
Buon appetito!

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  1. Made in Rome says:

    It’s amazing how German/Austrian the northern reaches of Italy are. People don’t think about this when they think about Italy. I wish more people knew about this… and I wish I could take a trip to Trantino Alto Adige soon!

  2. Our first trip to Italy was to visit my daughter, who was working in Bellagio. We visited Switzerland and the surrounding Lake Como and Milan area. The views were breathtaking. I thoroughly enjoyed the cuisine in Northern Italy. Although we originally thought we’d be experiencing typical Italian fare, we were pleasantly surprised with the strong influence of the surrounding countries. Thanks for sharing.

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