Markets in Umbria Italy

One of the best places to find fresh fruit in Italy is the local market. There are many street markets in Umbria where vendors set up shop to sell super fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish and cold cuts. Every week in every town or village there’s a local market with a variety of products for sale: not only food, but also clothing and footwear.

Most open air markets start around 7:30 am and finish at 1:00 pm. Go early to the market, especially in high season when market places are crowded with tourists. The earlier you visit a market in Umbria, the more locals you will encounter.

Markets in Umbria
Markets in Umbria

What to buy at the local market?

At the lively market residents purchase fresh food of the region. Eating seasonally and locally is a way of life in Italy.
In Umbria at every corner of the market one can buy pecorino cheese, salami or dried ham. Pecorino cheese is popular in Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany. It is a cheese made of sheep milk that can be bought fresh, as well as aged (stagionato) for some months.

On the market square one often finds a bar or a pizza take way for a coffee and a quick chat with friends and neighbours. This is so very Italian!

Porchetta is roasted pork meat. Like the pecorino cheese, it is widely sold in Umbria, Southern Tuscany and Lazio. The porchetta trucks are parked in the piazza’s during the weekly markets but you can also pass them by along the provincial roads. The owners of the truck usually prepare the pork themselves and sell porchetta sandwiches to customers.
Markets in Umbria
Markets in Umbria
Markets in Umbria

Are you going to visit some markets in Umbria?

For an overview of markets in Umbria you can check out our website. Many markets in Umbria are really awesome. Do you have a favorite market place in Umbria? Let us know!
Markets in Umbria

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  1. Mandy Baumann says:

    can you also name some markets in Perugia ?

    • SylviaItaly says:

      Hi Mandy, every Saturday morning @ Pian di Massiano (mini metro Perugia), close to the Perugia football stadion. By email we will send you a movie I’ve made recently from the market 🙂 enjoy!

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