Perugia in a wheelchair

Visiting Perugia in a wheelchair is not as easy as one would expect, but here are some suggestions that make it quite worthwhile. I visited Perugia with my parents and since my father has problems walking, he needs to use a wheelchair when going out for some sightseeing.

It is not always evident whether it is easy to visit sights in a wheelchair, especially if you do not know the area but Perugia’s old city centre is quite accessible in a wheelchair.

How to get to the centre of Perugia?

To arrive in the city centre of Perugia, you can take the Minimetrò. The Minimetrò is wheelchair accessible. The metro starts at terminal Pian di Massimo. This terminal is adjacent to the football stadium of Perugia. To get there by car is quite easy. From the highway (raccordo) A1 Siena – Perugia you take the exit “Madonna Alta” and you follow the signs for “Stadio”.

From the free parking it is easy to reach the terminal, even by wheelchair. There are stairs and a small slope upwards which take you to the station. Before taking the metro you can buy the tickets at the bar in front of the entrance, or at the ticket machine. A single ticket costs 1.50 Euro.

Every 5 minutes there is a small metro leaving to the historical centre. In the metro itself there is plenty of room for your wheelchair. The final station of the Minimetrò is Pincetto, which brings you to the city centre.

Once you arrive at Pincetto you use the wheelchair exit. Pedestrians take the escalator to reach the center. Wheelchair users or people with strollers take the elevator. The elevator is on your right hand side behind the Minimetrò.

The wheelchair can easily get into the elevator. Uphill is another small slope upwards which brings you to Piazza Matteoti.
Minimetrò Perugia
Perugia Umbria
Minimetrò Perugia
Minimetrò Pincetto
Perugia Umbria Minimetrò
Perugia Umbria
Perugia Umbria
Perugia Umbria

Where to go in the medieval centre of Perugia?

With your wheelchair it is advisable to stay on the main street in the centre of Perugia. From Piazza Matteotti you can reach the Piazza IV November, the square with the famous fountain.

From there you can visit shops or have a coffee or lunch in one of the café’s in Perugia. The Rocca Paolina is at the other site of the city, which also is reachable for disabled people. From there you have wonderful views over the Umbrian countryside.

As you can see, it is possible to visit Perugia in a wheelchair, speaking from experience. It is recommended having someone with you who helps you pushing the wheelchair. Perugia’s antique city centre is quite flat but it makes it much easier if somebody is with you to assist, like I did with my father.

My father appreciated the visit to Perugia. We have also been in Assisi, Rome and Florence.
Perugia Umbria

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  1. I like that! Not always the case in big cities

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    I’m glad you wrote about this seldom-explored topic – handicapped-accessible travel. It can be difficult without amenities.

  3. Suzanne Nam says:

    thanks so much for this! we’re considering a trip to umbria with a parent who has some mobility issues. very helpful.

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