Umbria Jazz festival in Perugia

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Umbria Jazz Perugia

Every year in July Perugia hosts one of the most important and largest jazz events in the world “Umbria Jazz”. During the event the streets of Perugia buzz with soul, blues, funk and jazz concerts. One of the largest main stages is at the Piazza IV Novembre, but also experimental groups and local artists play music at every corner of the street. 

Jazz in the streets of Perugia

Famous artists have already performed at the Umbria Jazz festival, like Chat Baker, Prince, Lady Gaga, Herbie Hancock en Miles Davis. Also this year Umbria Jazz has an exceptional program of shows and concerts with legendary singers and jazz players from all over the world. One of these is Veronica Swift.

Umbria Jazz 2019

Veronica Swift

Veronica Swift started in the Jazz scene when she was only 11 years old. Now at the age of 24 she is recognised as one of the youngest top jazz singers in the world. She comes from New York and grew up with her parents and jazz artists. At a young age she already toured as a jazz singer through America.

Veronica Swift at Umbria Jazz 2019

During the Umbria Jazz 2019 festival Veronica Swift gives concerts together with the American Jazz pianist Benny Green and his Trio. Together they perform amazing live jazz concerts. 

Veronica Swift at Umbria Jazz 2019

The four man/female formation Veronica Swift and Benny Green plays fantastic jazz numbers. The chemistry between them is so natural, they were meant to perform together! 

Wine tasting at Umbria Jazz 2019

A wonderful concert and a great performance will be followed by a wine and cheese tasting with local Umbrian wines and pecorino cheeses. 


Umbria Jazz is one of the most popular and world renowned jazz music events in the world. Every year it gathers important international famous artists and local musicians. 

Umbria Jazz 2019

For important concerts you need to buy a ticket, but Umbria Jazz offers also free concerts at different places in Perugia. The atmosphere during the Umbria Jazz festival is great, making it accessible for young and old.

This year the Umbria Jazz festival is from July 12 till July 21 2019. A unique experience when you’re on a holiday in Tuscany and Umbria!

Umbria Jazz 2019


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