Uomini e motori

Uomini e motori means … men and motors. A classical combination!

I am still snowed in (sort off … but I do not have the courage to drive down over an icy road) and a few days ago I was walking down the road to my car in the village below. I heard a deep roaring sounds quickly coming closer. A snow plough? Nope! It was the neighbor on his quad. Big proud smile.

Where are you going, he asked me almost accusingly. I could have asked him the same thing! He insisted to drive me down, but I managed to decline the offer. Afraid I had upset him, I made a friendly remark about his quad (I actually detest these machines). My neighbor patted the 4 wheel drive motor bike with huge wheels (i.e. quad) and said proudly: ah si! E’ una vera bestia! (Oh yes, it is a real animal).

That said he loudly took off and did a tour of the valley which I could follow with my ears (the reason I do not like quads). Most men would not enjoy driving a quad if it would be silent … maybe that is why we hardly see men on real animals dominating snowy hills.

Below some more snowy Umbria pictures.


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