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Next day off to Vinnatur in Villa da Porto also known as ‘la Favorita’.
Great place with some marvellous views over vineyards and industry. Really special. Well they seem to go together these days so nothing worrying going on there. Loads and loads of small producers some of them even brought their ‘failed’ products to let people have a taste of mishaps of all sorts.
Of all the interesting wines on offer the ones made from Malvasia are always the ones I have a weak spot for. Malvasia is a grape of Greek origin of wich there are a gazzilion varieties so lets skip that part. The one I mean, malvasia aromatica di Candia, a white one with incredible tannins, is used a lot for the so called ‘orange wines’.  This grape is also used to make some nice fizzy wines for example the ones from Donati or the Despina from Roberto Maestri . The overall feel of the event is great. Smiling, talking, tasting and yes drinking people in all the small niches the villa houses. There were too much interesting wines to mention all here. We bought a few known and unknown bottles, took them home and we’ll post some short notes on them after they have had their cork removed.

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