Visit La Badia in S. Arcangelo

On a cloudy day we visited an ancient monastery dating back to the year 1000 overlooking Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. This restored abby “La Badia” has 16 apartments of which two are are made where once the wine cellars were.
The convent is in S. Arcangelo, Magione and surrounded by age old olive trees. S. Arcangelo is a small village along the Trasimeno Lake. From the abby you have wonderful views.  You can see Castiglione del Lago, where I live, at the other side of the lake.
The apartment we visited is from a friendly owner living in Rome. It is the only apartment with a small balcony that overlooks the Trasimeno Lake to enjoy amazing sunsets. The living room has an extra open floor and going up here we discovered a real antique fresco of Maria with child. At sunset the sun enters the apartment shining exactly against the spot on the wall where the Maria with Child is. The monks have given this some serious thought before making the fresco!

3 responses to “Visit La Badia in S. Arcangelo”

  1. Allan L says:

    Its very interesting to visit ancient sights and the surroundings are amazing.

  2. Elvira Calasso says:

    ….Sorry but it is not true what you write, before you do so you should make more researches about that beautiful place.
    The Crypta was once owned by the Architect of the Reconstructed Building and is now after his dead owned by his daughter….and there is no other Apartment witch is “not” sold or unused, besides the Apartments at or under ground are especially during the hot summertime ways better because they are cooler than the Apartments under the roofs.. we should know because we are owners too.
    …and I think the Crypta is my be the most special Place there to sleep in because it owns spirits of ancient times an I don’t mean Ghosts, I men the feeling you get when you consider the age and what my have happened there throughout all this ages, the secret tunnel the special order of the rooms…
    I hope you “restore” your Notes just to tell the world the truth 😉

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