Visit the Rocca Maggiore in Assisi

Visit the Rocca Maggiore in Assisi

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The Rocca Maggiore is a fortress that stands on a hill above the town Assisi. The castle can be reached from the Piazza del Comune where signs lead you up to the top of the hill. It is quite a climb, however the views make it worthwhile. At the top of this suggestive city the views over Assisi and the surrounding Umbrian landscape are amazing. 

The Rocca Maggiore castle that dominates Assisi has a long history. Read a brief summary here.

Signs showing you the way to Rocca Maggiore in Assisi

Amazing views of Assisi from the Rocca Maggiore


The earliest documented mentioning of the Rocca Maggiore dates back to the 12th century. It was built by the imperial troops led by Christian of Mainz. At the time it was rebuilt on pre-existing Etruscan remains. 

In 1198 the castle was destroyed bij the local people and in 1365 Cardinal Albornoz decided to rebuild the fortress.

The Rocca Maggiore in Assisi

The castle was intended to defend Assisi and different rulers tried to conquer it to get control of the lands between Perugia and Foligno. 

Around 1600 the castle was totally abandoned and in 1859 the fortress was again destroyed. Consequently in 1891 the people of Assisi decided to reconstruct the castle.

Despite the previous devastations and reconstructions the robust project of the Rocca remained intact. The fortified structure is an example of medieval-military architecture.

Currently the Rocca Maggiore is visited by many tourists and offers one of the most amazing views over the Umbrian valley between Perugia and Foligno.

Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi from the Rocca Maggiore

Visit the Rocca Maggiore

A visit to the Rocca Maggiore gives you a lot of information about life in the  Middle Ages. If you are visiting Assisi with kids the Rocca Maggiore is certainly a must see stop on your itinerary!

The various rooms in the fortress host reconstructed medieval objects. Figures in medieval clothes, musical instruments and weapons are exposed in the tower.

The entrance fee is 6.00 Euro per person.
The address: Via della Rocca, 06081 Assisi PG
Opening times are daily from 10 am to 5.45 pm.

On the website of the local tourist information you can read more: Visit Assisi

Bring a sandwich and a drink with you for a picknick at the top to enjoy the beautiful views.

Medieval times in the Rocca Maggiore in Assisi

Medieval times in the Rocca Maggiore in Assisi

How to get to Assisi?

Assisi is easy to access by car. There are several parking options surrounding the city centre.

The train station is in Santa Maria degli Angeli. A town in the Italian municipality of Assisi. From the train station you can take the bus to Assisi. It is a 3 km drive to the historic center.

Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi


A walk in the forest of Saint Francis is highly recommended. It is a peaceful environment. The hiking trails are accessible for adults and children. Also your dog is welcome.

For more information about Saint Francis of Assisi read our blog.



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