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Aug 2, 2017 | Food and wine, Things to do in Umbria | 5 comments

Important: The wakeboard park at Lake Trasimeno has moved to San Sisto in Perugia and is now called Perugia Wake Park.

Since a few years there is a wakeboard park in Perugia.  During this time of the year that we are busy with our summer season, it also is the time that family and friends spend their holiday with us.

By now their children are young teenagers and we thought to try this wakeboard park with them. That wasn’t a bad idea: now that I am writing this we went once and are going again tomorrow.

The wake park is suitable for children from 8 years onwards (Baby Wake), but personally I think that children a little bit older will enjoy this most. One does need some force and muscle to stand up on the water. A lifejacket and helmet is supplied to everybody and you’ll be pulled over the water via a cable.

Raising yourself out of the water is not easy and making loops is something for experienced wake boarders only. You may have an advantage if you are a snowboarder. We mainly plunged into the water.

All in all it was a fun hour, if you are a group it’ll take more time. The first time you’ll pay €25 for an introduction and obligatory subscription, after that it is €12 each time.

On the website are the opening hours, but it is better to call and agree a time first. Otherwise you risk that there is nobody present or a group practicing making you wait quite a while. Payment is in cash,  I didn’t spot a bank machine anywhere.

Here are some images of the new wakeboard park in Perugia, San Sisto. There also is a restaurant. It is easy to reach near the hospital of Perugia.


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