What have you done for me lately honey?

Last week we took pointed our trusty Panda in the direction of Foligno to visit a honey market. It wasn’t to crowed so we took the opportunity to chat with the stall holders. It is amazing how many different good quality honey can be found in Umbria. Once you have tasted the real stuff you are unlikely to go back to supermarket grade. And it isn’t even a lot more expensive.

Between the stalls there were hives that had been painted by children from a local school in funky colours. Apart from gazing at those artworks we tasted Idromel, a fermented honey drink with a distinct taste. For those who are not taken by the taste of Idromel there was a very nice and clean honey beer. Not strong enough? How about honey grappa? To protect the exterior one could apply some wonderful creme made from beeswax and olive oil.

Very interesting was a stand that sold honey from all over Italy. Eucaliptus, cisto, cardo, coriander the list seemed endless and everything was top quality. Opened my eyes that is what honey has done for me lately!

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