When in Rome…..

Some of our guests ask us if it is easy to get to Rome, where should they stay, eat, etc. Well most of our houses are no more than 2 hours from Rome by car. You can also go to a nearby station and catch the train and enjoy a lovely ride through the Italian countryside (best stations are Foligno, Spoleto, Orte, Chiusi or Terontola).

Last Thursday we made the trip ourselves in order to attend a very promising looking wine tasting. Due to a medical emergency (nothing too serious) we never made it to the tasting, a dissapointment if there ever was one. We kept ourselves busy with stroling around town, not always great fun since a lot of time it rained. But there is always the bus a great way to get around town. For 11 euro’s you can get a card which gives you access to bus and metro for 3 full days.

Thursday evening we dined at Ristorante Domenico dal 1968. A restaurant recommended by many. We had Carciofi alla giudea and alla Romana, pasta cacio e pepe and coda alla vaccinara. The pasta contained some cheese that was definitely not Pecorino alla Romana and the tomato sauce was a bit insipid. Not bad but rather lackluster food.
The following day we stroled around the Jewish quarter(il ghetto), the sun was out and we were getting hungry. Where to go? The answer presented itself on the opposite side of a square. We noticed some people hanging around a very small door which was covered in stickers. I chuckled, this was the famous Circolo Culturale ‘Sora Margherita’! You see a while ago I had read a piece by Giorgio Locatelli about a trip he took to Rome. Also he landed in this place by chance. Posto per due? No pieno! A few minutes later the man returned, two was possible but we would have to share a table. Fine with us! This place is fun, I read some mixed reviews, yes there are tourists but also lots of locals and the food is honest and good. We had the same as the day before in Domenico minus the Coda. The Artichokes where good, the pasta cacio e pepe superior and the puntarelle top notch. A must go but mind you not all that cheap as some people will make you believe.

In anticipation of the winetasting the following day we headed to the well known Enoteca Bulzioni who had organised a tasting of some natural wines. www.enotecabulzoni.it Bulzoni carries a very wide collection of wines. If you fancy Bourgogne and feel rich head to the back of the shop where in a semi dungeon some famous names are protected from prying fingers by big steel bars. The staff are very knowledgable and passionate about their metier and they really paid careful attention to the selection of the products they shelf. Whether you’re are looking for some gutturnio frizzante from La Stoppa, a nice Malvasia by Camillo Donati or practically anything from La Coste all attractively priced, you are at the right place. It is also possible to order by internet so if you are lounging around your rented villa and have had your fill of Sagrantino or need some special pasta, head to their website and start clicking! Oh and keep an eye on their website they organize all kind of interesting and fun tastings throughout the year.

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