Wild asparagus

Two great finds and yes they go together very well.

We already ate them two weeks ag our neighbours house in a frittata but from now on you can find us daily in the bushes to get our own. It takes a bit of practising to train your eyes but after that you’ll get into the picking flow. I like to eat them raw but they are equally good steamed on bruschetta or in egg, risotto, pasta, salad.

Also abundant are nettles though here in Umbria you need to know the spots where to find these nitrogen loving plants. Taste- and healthwise nettles are at least on par with spinach and they grow all over. Do pick only the young tops, the older leaves are very hard and not healthy. Try them in pasta or risotto. For pasta, make pasta aglio, peperoncino and add the cleaned nettles during the last few minutes of boiling the pasta. Join with the garlic and peperoncino, buon appetito!

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