Wild boar hunting.

Hunt for wild boar or wild hunt for boar?
I’d say it is both!

Some hunting days you feel like you have been transferred to a war zone. Loud Bangs, screaming, yelling, barking dogs and what have you. We went for a walk one afternoon and  hit upon the local hunting ‘squadra’. The hunting was done, guns locked away and the only thing left to be done was loading up the dead animals and getting the dogs back to the owners.

We were greeted like old friends (we have been to their hideout in the middle of nowhere to have dinner a few times). After a bit of small talk we asked how they were getting on with the hunt this season.
52 wild boar shot already, that is 6 weeks of hunting and they can hunt three days a week. Last Sunday they killed 11 boar in one day! This is only in our small valley that can you walk up and down in slightly over one hour.

While it may not be the nicest of sights, one must not forget that wild boar here are a serious pest. A group of wild boar can – and will – destroy any field in a few nightly hours. A farmer told me a few days ago he stopped farming some fields since the wild boar had destroyed his crops over and over again and the last time he tried, they had expertly eaten all seeds the night after he sowed them.

Our dogs were interested in the dead wild boar but were ready to run away if necessary. They apparently did not understand the concept of a boar being ‘dead’. They have met the wild boar alive and know they have to be careful!

4 responses to “Wild boar hunting.”

  1. Curtis Levy says:

    I heard that sound from loud speakers playing music or shock jocks radio programs is used to frighten away the wild boars in Umbria. Can you tell me if this is true. If it is true can you give me the name and contact details of any farmer that uses this method to keep boars away from their property. I am in Australia and am keen to have information about this if it is true.
    Best regards,
    Curtis Levy

    • Hi Curtis, I never heard of this. In my area there are fences around the land with electric impulses to keep away the wild boars. The same kind that you’d use to keep horses or cows inside the land, just less high. Best regards, Saskia

  2. James Babcock says:

    I will be in Italy in September and would like to hunt with longbow/recurve. Can you advise a place?

    Thank you, BIgJim

    • Hi BigJim,

      I sent you a personal e-mail with a couple of links where you may be able to find more information.

      Personally, I do not know of any particular place in Italy where you can go for bowhunting.

      Best, Saskia

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