Wine tasting at Tenuta Castelbuono

Wine tasting at Tenuta Castelbuono

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Tenuta Castelbuono in Bevagna

Tenuta Castelbuono is a modern winery in Bevagna where you can participate in a wine tasting but only upon reservation. 

Carapace, Tenuta Castelbuono in Bevagna

The modern architecture is in stark contrast with medieval Bevagna. Wine and modern architecture is an interesting combination to experience!

The Italian architect Arnaldo Pomodoro is famous in Italy and is the designer of Tenuta Castelbuono.Modern architecture from Arnaldo Pomodoro in Bevagna

The sculpture has the shape of a turtle. Therefor the name of the design “carapace” which is the shield of a turtle. The structure is dynamic and fits well in the Umbrian landscape.

Carapace at Tenuta Castelbuono in Bevagna

Arnaldo Pomodoro has chosen this form with the idea of the long aging process of the Montefalco Sagrantino wine, as slow as a turtle.

The entrance is on the ground floor. The wine production and storage of the wines are in the underground wine cellar and is really impressive to see!

Impressive wine cellars at Tenuta Castelbuono

The Lunelli family

The owner of Tenuta Castelbuono is the Lunelli family, a famous wine family from Trento. The Cantine Ferrari belongs to Lunelli where the Trento DOC spumante is produced. They also own Tenuta Podernovo in Tuscany. 

In Umbria the family has decided to produce only local red wines, no white wines.


In 2001 the family started growing old vines in existing vineyards. In total they have 32 ha vineyards.

The vineyards of Tenuta Castelbuono

The Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet grapes grow in Bevagna and the Sagrantino grapes grow in Montefalco. 

From the winery you have breathtaking views over the landscape. Montefalco is situated on a hilltop, easy to recognize from a distance!

Tenuta Castelbuono in Bevagna

Tenuta Castelbuono opened its doors in 2012, it is a young winery in Umbria. Since 2014 the Montefalco Rosso Riserva DOC is organic certificated and every year the grape harvest is entirely by hand.

Red wines

The wines of Tenuta Castelbuono have original names.

The wines of Tenuta Castelbuono

Carapace is the name of the wine Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG. This wine is made from 100% Sagrantino grapes. It is one of the most prestigious wines in Umbria. In Italy Montefalco Sagrantino has the largest amount of tannin. It is a red grape variety, only found in Umbria. 

Lampante is an organic wine. It is the Montefalco Rosso Riserva DOC wine. They make a Riserva wine only when the quality of the vintage is good. 

Ziggurat is the “house wine”. This wine has the same blend as the Riserva wine, but it is a young red wine.

Passito is a delicious sweet dessert wine made from 100% Sagrantino grapes. This wine was used for holy masses. Nowadays, we drink Passito wine after lunch or dinner. This wine pairs well with “tozzetti umbri”. Tozzetti are soft sweet biscuits with almonds or raisins.

Guided tours and wine tastings

For a guided tour and a wine tasting you need to make a reservation. The tours are in Italian and in several foreign languages.

Before entering your temperature will be measured. All visitors have to wear a face mask in the winery.  These are measures to keep the coronavirus under control.

Here is a list of three different tours and wine tastings:

  • Tour and wine tasting of two Umbrian wines.
    Price 15.00 Euro
  • Tour and wine tasting of four different wines from Lunelli.
    Price 20.00 Euro
  • Tour and wine tasting of four Umbrian wines.
    Price 25.00 Euro 

A visit to Tenuta Castelbuono is an unforgettable wine experience in Umbria!

Winetasting at Tenuta Castelbuono in Bevagna

Osteria in Bevagna

In strong contrast with the modern winery is the medieval village of Bevagna. Here we recommend the Osteria del Podesta, a restaurant in the main street of Bevagna in the Corso Giacomo Matteotti.

Osteria del Podestà in Bevagna

In this restaurant you eat local Umbrian dishes. They also serve fish. Next to the restaurant is the Enoteca, a wine shop where you can taste wine.

The cosy tables and umbrellas seem to invite you for a delicious lunch!

Buon appetito e alla salute!


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