Chiesa del Carmine estate

Chiesa del Carmine estate

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In the north of Umbria in a green valley is the Chiesa del Carmine estate. In this area are charming villas, authentic farmhouses and old churches set in gentle green hills. Chiesa del Carmine is an ancient church at the centre of the Carmine estate.



The total dimension of the Chiesa del Carmine estate is about 5 hectares consisting of woods and vineyards based on Sangiovese, Merlot, Trebbiano Spoletino, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sagrantino grapes. Trebbiano Spoletino is a high quality white wine from Umbria.

Chiesa del Carmine is the name of the local wines. They work together with one of the best oenologist in Italy “Giovanni Dubini”. Giovanni won several prices during his wine career. He produced also wine for other important wineries. This explains the quality of the wines of Chiesa del Carmine!

The owners of Chiesa del Carmine are Jeremy and Jacqueline. When they discovered the estate Carmine it was an abandoned valley. They fell in love with this countryside and they believed in a more prosperous future for this estate. The sights were breathtaking and the surroundings were ideal for producing wine, quality olive oil and planting woods for truffles.

Chiesa del Carmine is a beautiful location where truffle hunting is organised, as well as wine and olive oil tastings. These tastings now take place in a recently recovered old barn, stylishly restructured with great views, in the middle of the valley. 

Olive oil

The scenery from the farm is breathtaking. The Chiesa del Carmine estate is a clean and serene environment, a small heaven on earth. The farm is furnished in a modern way and the terrace with views over the Umbrian hills is an ideal place to enjoy all the good things Umbria has to offer.

Chiesa del Carmine


David Lang is the manager of the Chiesa del Carmine estate and together with the staff he organises nice experiences for an unforgettable holiday in Umbria.

Chiesa del Carmine

Wine tasting

Mattia Giambattista is the sommelier who is responsible for the wine tastings of the wines of Chiesa del Carmine. There are a few possibilities for the wine and food tastings.

Wine and Food tasting

One can choose for only the wine tasting, or one taste the local wines accompanied with small snacks like cheese, salami and truffle bruschetta. Enjoy!

Wine and Food tasting

Truffle hunting

Truffle hunting is an old Umbrian tradition. In this beautiful valley black truffles can be found together with a local guide “Massimo” and a truffle hunter (dog). 

Truffle hunter

At the end of the tour, after having found some truffles, they will be used for on the bruschetta accompanied with a good glas of local wine.

Black truffle

Finding truffles is not guaranteed! It depends on many factors, like the weather and the season (usually not during summer). But the guide Massimo will show you some  wonderful places during the tour, even if you won’t come back with truffles. You may find some local wild herbs, learn about deers and wild bores and more. 


David Lang has a great passion for Umbrian wines and food. He is originally from Australia where he grew up on a farm and learned how to manage the business side of working in the countryside.

David likes to share the Carmine estate and the church Chiesa del Carmine with people who love Umbria, good food and wines.

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