Gaite Market in Bevagna

Gaite Market in Bevagna

Jul 9, 2015 | Events, music and arts, Food and wine, Things to do in Umbria | 4 comments

Last year I went to the Gaite Market, “Mercato delle Gaite” in Bevagna. It is a fantastic medieval feast, a revival of daily life in the Middle Ages. I loved it so much, I had to go again this year.
The medieval village of Bevagna is the perfect background for the Mercato delle Gaite. Its four districts are called “Gaite”: Gaita San Giovanni, Gaita San Pietro, Gaita Santa Maria and Gaita San Giorgio.
The Mercato delle Gaite takes place every year during the last week of June. You can admire old costumes, markets and typical workshops. Taverns -restaurants- offer many dishes of medieval origin. It is a lovely experience eating in a Taverna. I’ve never eaten in a Taverna in Bevagna before, but in Narni I did during the medieval event Corsa all’Anello.

I have good memories of the Gaite Market, as you can see from the pictures on our blog of this year and last year. I saw the “same” locals dressed in medieval clothes. Some faces looked familiar to me, but I don’t know them personally. Only Giacomo from Gualdo Tadino. He makes and sells earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You can find him every year in the district “Gaita San Giorgio”.
Steve McCurry the famous photographer and best known for his photograph “Afghan girl”, made some beautiful photographs of the Umbrian region. He was a special host at the Gaite Market and made some amazing pictures of this medieval event. Last year in Perugia I went to the exhibition Sensational Umbria of Steve McCurry. Magnificent!

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  1. Lyn

    I have been to a few of these medieval festivities in Italy and I love the passion that these people put in to them. This one looks great

    • villainumbria

      Hello Lyn, thank you for your comment. The Gaite Market is very interesting. You should go there next year 🙂

    • villainumbria

      It is Eliza! Next time in June, we’ll be waiting for you 🙂



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