Rasiglia, the village of the water streams

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A couple of weeks ago with the family visiting from Holland, we had a lovely day out to Colfiorito and Rasiglia. Both villages are in the mountains not far from Foligno.

Peatland Colfiorito


Colfiorito is a high plane famous for the production of red potatoes and for its protected regional park with peatlands. We went to Colfiorito for lunch at La Botteguccia del Campo. We happened to stumble upon this little treasure some years ago and also this time were not disappointed. This is a simple but cosy little restaurant, no menu, only genuine local food, all served with a smile by the ‘hoste’ Stefano. 

La Botteguccia dei Vecchi Sapori in Colfiorito

Stefano is your host at La Botteguccia


Just about 10/15 minutes from Colfiorito is the village of Rasiglia. Lately it has become quite famous and many Italians go and visit. Hence, we wanted to see the place by ourselves.


The small village dates back to medieval times which can be seen from the ruins of a castle or fortress on top of the mountain when arriving. This was a strategic point to oversee the valley of the Menotre river and was built by the Trinci family from Foligno at the time.


The village of Rasiglia flourished because of different water sources being lead through the village. The energy of the water has been used for fulling mills, grain mills, woollen mills and dye-works that carried out the processing of precious fabrics.


In modern times the economic activity changed and people moved away. Nowadays there are only few families living in the village, but in the past years they have made sure to restore the village and the waterways. The result is a tiny village full of fresh mountain water where tourists love to stop by for pictures or a refreshment.

It has become very popular and maybe it is not a good idea to visit at the weekend. We were here on a Thursday in June and had a lovely stroll. There were some inhabitants and some tourists around, but nothing disturbing. We also easily found parking space which is very limited here.

Colfiorito and Rasiglia are definitely worth a detour in Umbria, or can be an ideal stop on your way to the Marche. 





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