Spoleto pictures

I have my family over for holiday (they are on holiday, not me … ). What better town to show them in Umbria then Spoleto?
Spoleto-Duomo-Rocca Spoleto-Duomo1 Spoleto-Duomo4  Spoleto-Duomo6 Spoleto-FontanadelMascherone1 Spoleto-FontanadelMascherone2  Spoleto-PonteTorri-5 Spoleto-Rocca1 Spoleto-Rocca2 Spoleto-Rocca3 Spoleto-Rocca4 Spoleto-Rocca5 Spoleto-Rocca6

2 responses to “Spoleto pictures”

  1. Wonderful pictures of a beautiful city! We love Spoleto!

  2. janinevasta says:

    Your family are a lucky bunch! Spoleto is looking as beautiful as ever too!

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