Easy walk from Bevagna to Torre del Colle

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Type of trail

The hike from the medieval village Bevagna to the hamlet Torre del Colle is considered easy walking. The path leads you through quiet asphalt roads and gravel paths among stunning grain fields, olive groves, vineyards and farmhouses. This hiking trail is not shaded, but suitable for everybody.

Piazza Silvestri

How to get there

The walking trail starts in the historical centre of Bevagna at Piazza Filippo Silvestri. Piazza Filippo Silvestri is the main square of Bevagna. You can park the car outside the historic walls. It is all free parking.

Piazza Silvestri

Along the streets of Bevagna are a few bars to buy a packed lunch or drinks to bring with you during the walk.

Bevagna Umbria

Itinerary description

From the starting point at the Piazza Filippo Silvestri you pass through the Porta Guelfa. Keep on going through the village until you are outside the ancient walls of Bevagna. Now follow the sign Torre del Colle. 

On the right side there is a large parking for campers. After crossing the bridge, the road climbs slightly uphill among fields and houses here and there.

Bevagna Umbria

The climb is getting a bit heavier, but the road remains easy to walk. If you look behind you, you’ll have a spectaculair sight over the green hills around Bevagna and the Subasio Mountain.

Bevagna Umbria

Bevagna Umbria

After a 2 km walk take the asphalt road or a small side trail among the olive groves. This trail will lead you to an asphalted street. Cross it and head towards Torre del Colle entering the street “Via Montecricco”.

Umbria landscape

The route then follows a path through vineyards and olive groves. This part of the trail is a wonderful sight. The trails are hilly, but not steep. 

Before reaching the hamlet you can choose to take the asphalt road uphill or the small and steep hiking trail. 

Torre del Colle Umbria


Along the way there’s a public fountain. This water is not drinkable.

Torre del Colle

Torre del Colle is perched on a small hill and protected by ancient walls. In this village are no bars, only one restaurant and a hostel. It is not sure when and if the restaurant will be open.

Torre del Colle Umbria

Torre del Colle Umbria

Torre del Colle Umbria

Heading back to Bevagna

After a visit to Torre del Colle one leaves the main entrance and walks on the right side of the asphalted street. This road is one long lap to Bevagna, about 45 minutes walking. During the hike one can admire the view over the green hills and the villages Montefalco and Bevagna.

In Bevagna, it’ll be time for a well deserved lunch or dinner. There are cosy bars and restaurants offering meals for reasonable prices.

Landscape Umbria

Level easy walk

The total distance is 8 km and it’ll take you about 2 hours. The trail is not shaded. It is recommended to do this easy hike in the morning or late afternoon.

The trail from Bevagna to Torre del Colle is suitable for everybody. It is important wearing walking shoes or sport shoes. Aleays take some drinks with you, a snack, a cap and your cell phone.

You can find the toute on My Garmin, but it is also possible to use the navigation on your cell phone. 



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